Kaitlyn Deen - Bacon County High School

Kaitlyn Deen is a senior Youth Apprenticeship student at Bacon County High School. She successfully completed her CNA licensing credentials during her junior year of high school. When she turned 18 she was able to interview for a CNA position at Twin Oaks Convalescent Center in Alma, GA. She was hired and since then has been working many hours honing her skills as a CNA and soaking up as much knowledge as possible from her co-workers. Her dream is to attain a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and then become a Flight Nurse on an Air Evacuation Team. She plans to work as a CNA to gain valuable experience in the medical field as well as to help fund her way through college.

Reed Chaney - Bacon County High School

Reed Chaney is a senior Youth Apprenticeship student at Bacon County High School. His career goal is to become a small engine mechanic. He is employed with Elite Landscape Solutions in Douglas, GA. This company has invested in Reed. They have provided him with on the job training and have allowed him to attend many manufacturer certification courses. These courses have allowed him to become a certified small engine technician for such equipment manufacturers as Kohler, Stihl, and ExMark. His supervisors at Elite Landscape Solutions brag on Reed’s ability to understand the complexity of the engines and machines that he repairs, but they are most proud of his work ethic.

Success Stories Submitted by: Clint Johnson, CTAE Director and WBL Coordinator for Bacon County High School