GEORGIA Work-Based Learning

Build the Future Workforce Your Company Needs

How to Get Started

Georgia’s Department of Education Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) is preparing Georgia's students for their next step after high school--college, the military, or beginning a career. CTAE offers students more than 130 career pathways within 17 Career Clusters.

Georgia’s Career Pipeline is provided to help Georgia businesses see the availability of young talent in a search area for a type of service or technical skill, and help businesses make important decisions concerning growth, development, and workforce needs.

Using this tool, employers can look up where programs exist related to their business and then get contact information about the Work-Based Learning Coordinator at the school and school system’s CTAE Director. Employers must make contact with the school personnel to create placements because the employment opportunity needs to be matched to the enrollment area of the school and within a reasonable driving distance for the student.

A Win for Students

A key factor contributing to the program’s success is the positive experience of the youth apprentices themselves. Because the program focuses on developing an individualized training plan for each youth apprentice, students recognize clear connections between their learning in the classroom setting, their experiences on the job, and achieving their future goals for careers and higher education.

Georgia high school students benefit from their participation in the Youth Apprenticeship Program by:

A Win for Employers

Not only do students benefit greatly from their participation in the Youth Apprenticeship Program; employers also reap rewards for their participation. Through their participation, employers are provided an opportunity to:

Employers view apprentices as valuable employees that make a real contribution to their businesses. Youth Apprenticeship employers know that they are not only helping young people achieve their dreams, they are also developing a world-class workforce for Georgia in the 21st century. Each year a customer satisfaction survey is sent to employers participating in the Youth Apprenticeship Program to ascertain their satisfaction with the program and the students they employ as a part of the program.