Amberly Holland - North Murray High School - Chatsworth, GA

Amberly Holland is a senior at North Murray High School. She completed the Teaching as a Profession Education Pathway and has surpassed expectations in the Work-Based Learning Program. During her time in the program she has excelled in her internship while maintaining a job, competing in Skills USA, and earning a 4.0 GPA. Work-Based Learning helped guide Amberly in a path that she is clearly passionate about and it is evident to everyone that works with her. She is currently interning in a Kindergarten classroom at Woodlawn Elementary School. In the beginning, she was nervous and somewhat anxious about her assignment. She had many questions and was unsure if this was the age group she wanted to spend her career with. After discussion and thought, she decided to give it a try. Amberly’s first day in the Kindergarten classroom was truly the beginning of a wonderful adventure. She now walks into the room with confidence and a passion to help each student succeed. She understands the importance of building relationships and meeting children on their level. She is a natural in the classroom setting. This is what Amberly’s mentor has to say about her:

“Amberly does a phenomenal job! She is punctual, self-driven, and motivated. It is rare to find a young person so mature and self-motivated to learn new skills that will help her daily and with future endeavors. Amberly will be very successful!”

Success Story Submitted by: Darlene Dunn - WBL/YAP Coordinator, North Murray High School